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Cathy was our original drummer. Often annoyed when our moron bass player (and author of this article) called her “Slappy Squirrel” (affectionately), her habit of throwing drumsticks mid-song at me (accidentally) became one of those strange joyous running jokes that made everything worthwile.

A dedicated punk rocker, her mantra of “Faster! FASTER!” got our playing speedy, tight, and brilliant. Alan and Eddy didn’t even know we could get as fast as we did with her in charge of our rhythm. I know of no faster drummer who was going in Melbourne in the late 90s – 2000s. It was an honour, and privilege to play with her for so long.

Cathy left Mad Dolly aroundabouts 2001 to travel overseas; we managed to bump into her years later on one of our most successful nights supporting nationally-known rockers Rollerball on their Victorian tour, and we’re happy she was so proud of us; because we will always be proud of her.